Repellum Nanoshield Elite

Nanoshield Elite by Repellum Supplies is the world’s most hydrophobic and oleophobic ceramic
coating. It has unique hybrid structure and true ceramic composition that prevents chemical, mechanical and environmental degradation when applied to hard, non-porous surfaces, such as automotive finishes, glass and plastic. This translates to significantly longer surface protection than other coatings, yet with unmatched ease of application. Nanoshield Elite protects automobiles and other surfaces from scuffs and scratches, water stains, chemicals, tar, corrosion, and harmful UV, simplifying exterior maintenance and enhancing the appearance of the surface.


Nanoshield Elite is primarily composed of proprietary silica-based polymers. As such, Nanoshield Elite materials are essentially capable of maintaining properties under extreme conditions.
Nanoshield Elite coating is resistant to most solvents and will be unaffected by a wide range in pH.
Because 10H hardness is achieved in the Nanoshield Elite formulation, scratch resistance is improved. By incorporating specific functional groups to the polymer, various properties can be achieved including ambient temperature curing, heat-induced crosslinking and UV resistance. In addition, the unique structure of Nanoshield Elite has allowed the hydrophobic and oleophobic properties to be dispersed throughout the entire coating and not just the top layer like other coatings which makes it perform much better and much longer.
Generally, the coating thickness of a single layer will be 150-200 nanometers (nm) Nanoshield Elite protects and enhances surfaces of metals, glass, ceramics, polymers and many plastics.
It is scratch resistant and creates a surface that is easy to clean. Curing takes place at room temperature or can be accelerated with heat.

Outstanding Properties:
Contact Angle: 105°/water and 64°/n-hexadecane
Sliding Angle: 9.1o /water 1.4o /IPA
Temperature Resistance: 350° F Continuous/450° F Intermittent

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